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Are you looking for an international courier service for a larger consignment than just a few parcels?

At Europe Express, sending parcels abroad, regardless of their size, has never been easier. With a fleet of 3.5 tonne vans we can provide an international courier service suiting the needs of virtually every customer. Each of our vans can transport cargo of up to 1200kg in weight and 20 cubic metres in volume. It’s okay if your consignment is smaller than the maximum permitted load of the van. You can choose to book a part load – as little as one cubic metre (8 boxes where each is 50cm wide, 50cm deep and 50 cm high). In this case, your consignment will travel together with other consignments destined for the same part of Europe.

Alternatively, you can request Full-Load (FTL): the entire van for your exclusive use. You, your staff or the driver will load the van with your consignment only, and the cargo will be transported directly to the specified location.

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A Curtain Side van of Europe Express

Who are our clients?

All of our clients for the international courier service share the same trait: a need for quick cargo delivery to a client in Europe. Typically, cargo transported using our courier service is packaged on pallets, containers or boxes to fit into one of our vans with capacity for 20 cubic metres (up to 1200kg), which is equivalent to 10 pallets.

Our clients include:

Logistics Agencies

Exporters and Importers

4PL and 3PL Companies


A professional driver in Europe Express

The courier services offered by Europe Express are ideal for transporting cargo in the following market sectors:

Air freight
Personal effects

How fast is an international courier service?

When operating an optimum schedule for the international courier service it is possible to transport goods between the UK and central Europe within 24 hours. Orders for deliveries over longer distances are, of course, more time consuming.

International courier service UK to Spain
From the UK to Spain
up to 2 days
International courier service Finland to the UK
From Finland to the UK
up to 3 days
International courier service Malta to the UK
From Malta to the UK
up to 4 days
International courier service UK to Greece
From the UK to Greece
up to 5 days

Non-Collection Days

For the collection of items between the UK, Switzerland and Norway, please note that we are unable to provide the service on Fridays and Saturdays. We can, however, make collections on these two days between the UK and all other countries on our list.

What can you expect from our driver?

Regardless of the contents of your order, the driver will always prioritise the safety of your goods. Quality loading is a crucial aspect of our international delivery service. The driver is trained on safe loading and will carefully place the cargo in the loading compartment. The driver will strap large and bulky items with belts and, if necessary, anchor them to the floor of the vehicle.

Goods packed in smaller containers or boxes are usually loaded manually onto the van. Depending on your order’s details, you may choose to engage the driver in the process of loading. The driver is going to take photographs of the loaded cargo at the loading and unloading locations. As a Europe Express customer, you can view these photographs and order complimentary services such as drivers’ help with loading/unloading, all from the Customer Portal.

How are vans loaded and unloaded?

At Europe Express, we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our logistics system. Don’t worry if your location is not suitable for commercial vehicles, and there is no professional hoisting equipment available. Fortunately, when sending a parcel abroad with Europe Express, you can request the driver to help you with loading or unloading manually. This service is charged on a per hour basis and invoiced automatically.

Our 3.5-tonne curtain-sider vans are made for European express road freight. Each can be loaded or unloaded from the back or the side. Heavy consignments such as Euro pallets with heavy goods on them are loaded on and off the van using our customers’ own forklifts or pump tracks.

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Curtain Side vans of Europe Express
A 3.5t curtain side van payload

The driver’s road routine

At Europe Express, our drivers leave their homes to drive around Europe for three weeks. They can go no more than 10 hours per day, with breaks lasting approximately 1 hour after no more than 4 hours of driving. The rules for driving hours are derived from European law, but we ask our drivers to follow these rules to comply with the law and operate as international couriers safely. We equip our vans with facilities for drivers, including a tiny bedroom, cooking equipment, and fresh water access. Drivers stop at service stations to wash, eat and sleep.

Can I send a single parcel abroad?

In short: yes. Europe Express’ international courier service is suited for all kinds of transports, from a single parcel to full van loads and beyond. Click the following link to know more about details of part load logistics.

The Insurance

All international courier service consignments carried by Europe Express are insured for physical loss or damage to goods while being transported through the EU, UK, Switzerland and Norway, for up to €82,650 per event.

The insurance does not cover:

Passenger transport
Transport of live animals
Postal items
Damage caused by inadequate packing
Dangerous goods listed in ADR
Transportation of oversized cargo

Furthermore, Our vans are available for European haulage, FTL, and LTL shipments, with our insurance coverage. For details about our insurance, please read the Europe Express Business Terms and Conditions.

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