Swiss Customs Office in Weil am Rhein - Basel

Best Logistics Service Companies in Swiss Customs Office at the border in Weil am Rhein – Basel

Where customs clearance is concerned, getting a dedicated customs clearance agent to take over the hassle of paperwork and documentation on your behalf is always a good thing. Especially if you are someone who is not used to handling the delays of bureaucracy. Therefore, when it comes to services related to customs clearance and such documentation, you can rely on an abundant number of offices of customs agents who hail from commercial companies that offer these services. You can easily find these agents if you get to the building located at the border crossing between Switzerland and Germany.

Nauta SA – Basel

Founded in 1947, Nauta SA Basel is a logistics and freight forwarding company located in Munchenstein, closer to Basel. The company comprises several branches at the Swiss border and sister companies in countries like the USA, Uk, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and China.

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Rhenus Logistics AG

Rhenus logistics was established in the United Kingdom in the 1940s. The company specializes in air, road, ocean transport, warehousing and home delivery services. Rhenus Logistics plays the role of a logistics service provider, analyzing complex logistics procedures and optimizing them with solutions for production and distribution.

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Eurosped AG Logistic

Founded in 2002. Around 60 ramps and 22,000 m2 of storage and handling space are available. The services provided by the company are international transport throughout Europe, Multimodal general cargo/part and full load traffic to and from Europe through the truck, train and water, customs clearance, logistics and warehousing.

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KGH Customs Services Schweiz AG

Kgh is a part of Maersk custom services, and they have been providing their service since 1963. They have more than 1,300 employees and almost 28,000 customers. Their service offerings range from customs brokerage to customs consulting and digital solutions.

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JCL Logistics Switzerland AG

JCL Logistics has its headquarters in BAAR, Switzerland. JCL Logistics has a global partner network with more than 40 locations in 7 countries. The company offers road, rail, air and ocean logistics services to the supply chain.

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Streck Transport AG

Streck transport is a family-owned business focusing on freight forwarding, warehouse logistics and transport located in the region where Germany, Switzerland and France meet. This means Streck transport Switzerland ag has branches and border offices to take over the cargo.

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Zollimpex AG – Basel

Zollimpex AG is the customs agency that represents several customs offices in Basel. Established in 1974, it’s located in Rheinfelden. The company specializes in general cargo shipments while also providing services in customs clearance for the borderless transport of goods.

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Schenker Schweiz AG

Schenker Schweiz is a logistics service provider that provides air freight, land transport, ocean freight, and customs services. The company has 730 land transportation branches across Europe.

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ALS Customs Services GMBH

ALS customs services GMBH was established in 1989. ALS Customs Services GmbH is a certified expert for all things related to customs procedures. They have certification as an AEO and are in line with ISO-9001. There are about 200 employees in their company. There are experienced experts in the field of customs clearance.

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Lamprecht Transport AG

Lamprecht transport ag is a global transportation partner that was established in 1945. Comprising over 300 employees, Lamprecht offers customised transportation and logistics services. The company offers a range of air freight, ocean freight, road transport, project transport and customs services.

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Agility Logistics AG

Agility logistics AG is a company that offers life science, chemical, machinery and retail logistics. Agility provides its customers with major global trade laneswith innovative Air, Ocean and Road Freight solutions. They also provide logistics, warehousing and customs brokerage services, Their sister branches are in Basel, Zurich, Geneva, Novazzano, Martigny, Lausanne, and Blotzheim.

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Gerlach AG Customs Services

Gerlach customs services agency in Europe has offices in Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Sweden, and Switzerland. The company covers customs services, from import and export to supply chain valuation and customs consulting, through a network of 170 offices in 27 European countries.

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Wolffgramm Verzollungen

The company was established in 1972. Its headquarters are in Waldshit, Tiengen. It’s a family-owned business that spans over 40 years. The branches are located at all border crossings along the German-Swiss border and inland Swiss customs offices.

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Almundus Customs Services AG

Almundus customs services ag is a freight forwarding and logistics company established in 2010. There are about seven employees and 140 trucks handled daily. In addition to that, there are about 120,000 transactions. It is one of the companies under the Transco group.

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Balimpex AG Logistics

Balimpex AG is a Swiss forwarding and customs clearance company in Muttenz at Basle. The company was founded in 1981 by Georges Vogler, with about 70 employees. It has branches around Rheinfelden, Warmbach, Koblenz, Waldshut, Bargen, Thayngen and Ramsen.

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DSV Global Transport and Logistics

DSV logistics was founded in 1976. There are 1500 offices and logistics facilities, 75,000 employees across 90+ counties and more than 200,000 supply partners. They offer various services such as air freight, sea freight, road transport, rail freight and courier.

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FIEGE Logistics

Fiege Logistik started its journey in innovative logistics in the year 1873. The headquarters of the company is located in Greven, Westphalia. There are about 23,000 employees in 133 sites around 16 countries.

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Gondrand International AG (NTG Gondrand Customs AG)

Gondrand International ag Basel is a part o the NTG Nordic Transport Group A/S, and the company is also a partner of “Tour de Storebælt”, Denmark’s most prominent amateur cycling race. The company has branches in Bardonnex, Bargen, Chavornay, Chiasso, Rümlang, St. Louis, Stabio, Thayngen, and Thônex.

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Heinz Wolfgramm AG

Heinz Wolfgramm ag has been providing services for 40 years. There are 11 branches for customers to offer services Basel/St Louis highway, Basel/Weil am Rhein motorway, Basel UBF, Rheinfelden CH, Stone, Sizzling, Koblenz, Zurich airport, barges, Thayngen, Kreuzingen.

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Postlogistics AG

Postlogistic ag Basel is a company that has its headquarters in Wankdorfallee. The services provided by the company are sending letters, sending parcels, receiving emails and providing business solutions.

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Berger AG Verzollungen

Berger ag company was founded in 1984. Berger AG offers all services required for importing into Switzerland, or forwarding in transit, merchandise from around the world at the Basel/Weil am Rhein border crossing.

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Focus 93 GMBH

The company has a team of specialists to process customs clearance as quickly as possible. They provide main services such as import, export and transit. The company operates independently and is not bound by contract to shippers or carriers and also has a long-standing customer relationship.

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